This is a unique page/link for friends and family of the band to access our new music pre-release... We have 3 "demos" here available to download or share the link. Please keep any links to the music private but feel free to share.

DJ Bacon and his producer partner Ben Eltham formed the band Briztronix in 2001. The band has released three full length instrumental hip hop albums since formation and toured Australia nationally in 2005. Briztronix won the Q Music 2007 Q-Song award for best hip hop track ('Beats from the East').

Briztronix have also appeared on a number of vinyl and CD compilation albums and continue to produce underground instrumental music.

Briztronix have long honed a unique sound harking back to 80's disco rap, Yacht Rock and eclectica, sampling and composing from a dense research base of jazz, funk and electronica. After a decade's hiatus working on the business of life, Briztronix return in 2018 with a brand new full-length LP.          

You can stream / purchase our previous releases over at Bandcamp at this link  Briztronix Bandcamp Page