DJ Bacon is a music lover first and foremost. He knows classic music dating back to the early 60's through to today. When playing to an audience he has the ability to keep the vibe smooth and funky or increase the intensity and rock the dancefloor solid.  

As a DJ / producer since the late 1990's he has released a string of mix tapes, CD's and vinyl. As a member of Briztronix he has released three full length instrumental albums with partner Shazam.  The DJ mixes here are just a snapshot of some of his most recognised work. 

Please visit his Soundcloud page and explore his many mixes.

DJ Bacons offering "The blunted Jazz Sessions Vol 1" was released in early 2014 and is an hour long , seamless exploration into funky, jazzy, latin and instrumental beats.  Available totally free in full quality 320 kbps MP3 here.


DJ Bacon is one of the first Australian DJ's to release a vinyl EP. The Unviversal B Boy Megamix from 2008 is an 8 minute DJ homage to the funkiest breaks and old school beats ever laid to wax. There are still a handfull of copies available on vinyl. Contact dj bacon via this page to purchase via paypal. The mix is also available for free to download in full quality 320 kbps MP3 here.


2013 saw the release of "Back to the Funk" - a one hour mix exploring new funk and breakbeats for b boys and party people alike. Includes seriously funky jams from top Australian funk masters like the bamboos and cookin on 3 burners.


The Northern Soul mix from 2009 is perhaps Bacons best loved mix among the older listeners. Its a party rocking Motown and uptempo soul bonanza of nearly 80 mininutes in length - Classic and underground soul bangers are delivered brilliantly and smoothly. The mix was awarded mix of the week on the mixcrate site.   

DJ Bacons Northern Soul series popular in UK

Hip hop has always been Bacon's passion and is where his skill base lies. His 2004 mix CD "This year suckers are going nowhere" showcases his turntablist skills and old school knowledge like no other mix. Selling an unprecedented 1000 copies Australia wide independently, this mix hit Australias hip hop underground like wild fire and sold out in 6 months.



1998 - The Electric Shock Theory - Cassette

2000 - Galactic Scratch Beats - Cassette

2000 - Notorious P.I.G - Cassette & CD

2001 - Briztronix EP (CD) - (6 Briztronix Originals + "SMOKED BACON" Bonus 30 min DJ mix)

2002 - Briztronix on the 183 "Kingz Of Steel" compilation - 2 x LP (VINYL) + CD

2003 - Liones LP (CD) - DJ Bacon appears on several tracks

2004 - This Year Suckers are Goin Nowhere" CD

2005 - Briztronix "The Album" CD

2006 - Briztronix on the Butter Beats Compilation "State Of Origin"  2 x CD

2006 - Briztronix on the Nuff Said (Melb) compilation "Now You Know"  2 x LP (VINYL) 


2006 - Raw Bacon - Mix CD -90's hip hop

2007 - Briztronix LP "Structures Of Canyons" (CD) + 12" Vinyl 

2008 - DJ Bacon / Briztronix  12" Vinyl - "Universal B Boy Megamix" / "Beats From The East"

2009 - 2013 Northern Soul Mix Series (4 x 80 minute mixes) 


Fear of an OG Megamix July 2016